Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “What is the purpose of life?  This question is universally asked—and for a good reason.  If your life were meant to be a random wandering during your allotted time in the physical realm, the Giver of life would not have ingeniously added brain power to His human creatures. 

“You were also given will power and the power to co-create.  Can you fathom how mighty you could be if you activated such innate abilities?  Indeed, such endowments are superhuman—they are your links to the Divine, bestowed upon you to propel you forward your quest for Godlikeness.

“The choice always remains yours.  Some of you have been dumbed down by worldly distractions or brainwashed to believe that they will never amount to much.  They fail to seize the opportunities that would spice up their average and unfulfilling life experiences.

“You were created for greatness, not for mediocrity.  You were assigned a higher purpose and vested with all the necessary powers to achieve it.  Have you found your calling or are you biding your time, hoping to be magically and effortlessly morphed into your greatness by merely crossing the threshold leading you to the afterlife? What will you bring to show-and-tell when you get there?  Which lasting character accomplishments will define you?

“By putting to good use your personal powers, you will step up the tempo of your life.  However, you need first to ask the most relevant question of all: “How can I best serve the Highest Good?”  Indeed, each calling incorporates the element of higher service.  The answer to the most fundamental question of your life will constitute your marching orders.  It will deeply resonate within you and fill you with a sense of eagerness and positive anticipation. 

“You can be instrumental at many levels—just as Jesus was.  Start each day spending some time in the Stillness and expressing your willingness to be of service.  See what happens!  I can assure you that it will mightily upgrade your life experience.  By doing so, you will remain alert and no longer miss out on the endless opportunities to humbly be of higher service.”