Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Knowing that your mind deals with meanings and your spirit with values, each one of you lives a spiritual life as long as they strive for the attainment of sublime values—whether consciously or unconsciously.

“All spiritual values fall under the umbrella of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  For example, Honesty, Loyalty, and Trust have much to do with Truth.  Whether you profess it or not, you are spiritual beings, and your spiritual side motivates your quest for undying love.  As well, the fact that you appreciate invisible values is also proof that there is more to life than its interface with the material world.

“Why not then ennoble your life’s objectives and cater to the expansion of your truthful, good, and beautiful embryonic self?  You have it in you to ‘self-realize’ by submitting your decisions to the threefold quality control of truth, beauty, and goodness.  It is what makes your life ‘valuable’ and gives you access to genuine happiness.

“Where there is harmony, there is happiness.  The absence of inner conflict naturally leads you to live in growing harmony with others.  There cannot be happiness apart from Oneness. 

  “By remaining vigilant, you will quickly detect when your mood misfires—when the interference of some foreign element threatens to disturb your peace of mind.  You can then examine what causes such an emotional hick-up and quickly address it to regain your equilibrium.  It may require many practice-runs, but it is certainly doable. 

“Jesus’ life is the forever living proof of the apex of spirituality—the revelation of the supernal potentials seeded in human beings.  You are meant for greatness; do not settle for mediocrity, as it is a waste of your talents and a squandering of your life force that greatly trivialize the quality of your life.”