Monday, November 5, 2018

Teacher Uteah: “As you come to Me daily, I know that you are serious in your desire to connect.  The small tokens of your affection move My heart deeply.  Indeed, no matter which order of the creation we belong to, our minds and hearts respond to similar triggers.

“On your world, it does not come easy for many to acknowledge these common denominators that should override the apparent diversity in gender, race, lifestyle, belief systems, and more. 

“In higher realms, beings are created in perfection, and they do not deal with similar challenges.  They are ‘enlightened,’ and their job assignment is to share their light and love with the pilgrims of time and space who evolve toward perfection as masterpieces in the making. 

“In the not so distant past, some of your ancestors intentionally entered into mutual bonds of ‘blood brotherhood,’ swearing to treat each other as siblings. It sometimes involved a ceremonial mingling of blood.

“Over time, men and women started viewing some as kindred souls—their ‘soul siblings.’  Do know that you also are akin to myriads of ‘energy siblings.’  We may differ in many obvious ways, yet we can relate in our thinking and feeling processes, something we shall forever have in common, as we are destined to commune in godlikeness.

“Rather than shying away from diversity, embrace it!  It blesses you with the expertise of many teachers, eager to share their unique experiential reality and personal observations.  The Father is briefed personally through the ministry of His Indwelling Fragments.  He wishes for you to gain a more panoramic view thanks to the ever-expanding wealth of experiential wisdom safe kept in the cosmic ‘libraries’ where each biography is carefully archived. 

“By practicing attentive listening, you will come to enjoy the passionate storytelling time that takes place in the peaceful setting of bonfires fueled by the kindling of personal enlightenment.”