Oregon, US of A
Saturday, May 18, 2019

Teacher Uteah: “You are asking me to talk some more about the Power Trio that consists of your Indwelling Divine Fragment, your Guardian Angels acting as one, and yourself.

"What would be the purpose of such an association?  From your human perspective, you may easily understand that you are blessed by being included in such a human/celestial partnership.  It is undoubtedly the case, as such an alliance gives you inter-realms access and enables you to receive higher guidance from your loyal and wise allies from the other side of the veil of the flesh.  They are your Guides to the inner world, and, as in any association, there is strength in unity. 

"Let us now consider it from their perspective.  What do YOU bring to the table?  You are their link to the world of the flesh.  As such, you can be an instrumental gateway to a rewarding human experience. 

"You Indwelling Fragment entertains a far-reaching vision for your life; your Angels support that vision by orchestrating events that will help you 'grow in age and wisdom'—as Jesus did while living on earth.

"To top it all, God's Will is inter-dimensional.  To come to pass, it has been broken down in myriads of individual assignments—from the top to the bottom of the spiritual hierarchy.  Service for the Highest Good is the universal Mission Statement.  Higher Spiritual Beings 'descend' while lower beings 'ascend.' The fulfillment of their commission depends on mutual collaboration.

"You are the feet on the ground—the infantry.  They hover over you, imparting you with gems of wisdom and morsels of enlightenment on a need-to-know basis.  This process is mutually beneficial, as you 'enlighten' them in return about the ins and outs of the human condition, thus adding to their experiential wisdom. Be an active partner! "