Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

“A human being can find truth in his inner experience, but he needs a clear knowledge of facts to apply his personal discovery of truth to the ruthlessly practical demands of everyday life.” [UB 1222:06]

Thought Adjuster: “You are somewhat puzzled by the above statement and are asking Me to elaborate on its content. 

“You live in a dual reality. Your inner world consists of your mental processes and their emotional byproducts. You may, indeed, get ‘gut feelings’ about what you strive to understand, but they have to pass the litmus test of their reliability and relevance to the facts of your experiential life. The Adjuvant Mind Spirit of Intuition sheds its non-intrusive soft light to guide your unsteady steps as you bravely grope your way through rugged territories. It steers you toward higher understanding that can then be translated into reliable data after passing the quality test of their applicability to your life. 

“Truth is cohesive and self-validating, while lies are contradictory and arguable. Moreover, they fail to yield positive outcomes when applied to the demands of your life, as they are ‘unreal’ and ‘unsubstantiated.’ 

“The saying: “The proof is in (eating) the pudding” means that you can only judge the quality of something after you have tried, used, or experienced it. Everything else belongs more to the realm of theories and assumptions.

“At this stage of your life, you are in dire need of practical truth—the truth than can serve as the backbone of your decisions. Certainly, you may entertain myriads of curiosity questions; yet, focus on those whose answers will add to your quality of life, being ‘user-friendly.’ Those are also the personal epiphanies you will be called to share with others, as they are relevant to all.

“It is the reason why the truth revealed by Jesus while on Earth is called the ‘good news.’  It clarified the way of right living. Jesus Himself applied His enlightenment to the demands of His everyday life. It is the reason why the truth He shared was so relevant, relatable, and impactful.”