Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “Let us talk about setting ‘unprecedented precedents.’  It may seem redundant at first glance; yet allow Me to expand on it.

“During the course of your life, you will set innumerable precedents—personal precedents, such as your first smile, your first word, your first step... etc.  Each time you master something for the first time, it encourages you to keep going and you experience a sense of personal accomplishment, as it expands the experiential field of your life.  Yet, such precedents are not ‘unprecedented’ as many others have experienced them before you.

“There are also ‘unprecedented’ precedents.  They are the true trailblazers; they break through the glass ceiling of humanity’s achievements and encourage other to follow suit.  The shining example of one individual heartens others and instills them with their own ‘can-do’ spirit.  Such brave precedents have a powerful impact on the positive evolution of humankind. 

“Your Master Jesus set this type of precedents.  He was the first ‘Son of Man’ to succeed at reaching personality perfection—god likeliness—during the course of His short human incarnation.  He set the bar high and yet instilled in the children of the earth the ‘can-do’ spirit and demonstrated the ‘do-ability’ of His personal achievements.  His promises were never empty.  Rather, He continuously shared with others the higher truths He uncovered as He walked His own earthly path. 

“Dear ones, rather than hoarding your spiritual epiphanies by copyrighting them, do realize that they are meant to be generously disseminated—as Jesus did. This is how humankind can steadily progress toward better tomorrows.

“Go into your day and challenge yourself to set personal precedents that can benefit the whole Brotherhood of Men.  This will amplify your motivation and, as you successfully break through your own limitations, offer your victories to the Father in utmost gratitude—in your name and in the name of your planetary siblings, so that they can become incommensurable blessings.”