Sunday, June 24, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about human-divine associations.  There is indeed an amazing web of interconnections at that level.  How so? 

“Not only are the Spirit of Truth of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Mother Spirit very real specialized spiritual ‘hotlines’ that are accessible to you 24/7, but each one of you has the Ear of the Heavenly Father through their Indwelling Divine Fragment who is also His Mouthpiece.

“As if it were not enough, you also are under angelic guidance and protection and, upon your asking, you are assigned personal tutors from On High.  But, as they say in your TV commercials, “But wait! That is not all!”  This is what I would like to address today.

“As you strive to develop your spiritual side and to make sense of some of the grey areas of your human experience, you also benefit from the physical presence and acquired expertise of your earthly siblings—a valuable input if you turn to those who are ahead of you in their spiritual growth curve and have already mastered similar challenges.

“By so doing, you benefit from the contribution of their own Divine Indweller.  Indeed, the Father has no favorites and each one of His Fragments is fully dedicated to being of highest service.  There is Oneness in His Fragmentation and unity of purpose.  This is the reason why personal messages of useful revelatory content will find their way to your ‘mailbox’—be they ‘air mailed’ from higher spheres or delivered to your mental doorsteps by the human snail mail of word of mouth.  Indeed, trust in the fact that the Father will find a way to convey to you the messages you need moment by moment, as His messenger service in intergalactic.

“As you benefit from such a sophisticated network, you too can become a revelatory mouthpiece whenever others turn to you in their times of need—whether you are aware of it or not.  What matters is that you cultivate your intimate association with your Resident Divine Fragment and allow for His expression through you.  The more messengers, the easier it becomes for the messages to reach their intended destination.”