Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 5, 2018

The blood type O negative is the rarest, which makes its supply scarcer than other types. It is known as the "universal donor" type, as it can be donated to anyone. Blood group O individuals do not have either A or B surface antigens on their red blood cells.

Thought Adjuster: “The above definition provides a rich metaphor for who Jesus was, spiritually speaking.  How so?

“As a representative of the All-Loving Universal Father, Jesus’s demeanor exuded such a family resemblance.  As a spiritual ‘Universal Donor’, He unconditionally shared His ‘type O’ love substance with anyone—the telltale of a Universal Donor.  Motivated by such a genuine type of love, He went as far as literally shedding His blood for the sake of humanity—the ultimate sacrifice that undeniably confirmed His Universal Donor status.

“Of which type is your love substance—A, B, or O?  Do you only share it with your ‘blood relatives’ or do you bestow it without holding back on anyone and any situation you encounter, thus spontaneously upgrading it to a type O?

“Dear ones, such is the transmuting power of type O Love—True Love.  Any other type has been somewhat downgraded but is meant to be purified and restored to a pristine type O by receiving transfusions from Universal Donors. Indeed, such transfusions, rich in the Life Force that sustains the universes, nurse your anemic spiritual cardio system back to health, thus qualifying your name to be entered in the Universal Donor Registry.”