Oregon, US of A
Monday, October 19, 2020

“The mind of evolutionary man is ever confronted with the intricate problem of refereeing the contest between the natural expansion of emotional impulses and the moral growth of unselfish urges predicated on spiritual insight—genuine religious reflection.”  [UB103:5:5]

Thought Adjuster: “Your persona encompasses your lower and higher self.  Due to the adverse ripple effect of Lucifer’s fall from grace, these facets of your nature have been disassociated, significantly shrinking your perception of selfhood.

My advice to you is to regain a sense of the bigger picture of who you are, thus revitalizing your human experience and propelling it to advanced experiential levels that adequately prep you for the thrills of the afterlife.

As you familiarize yourself with your enigmatic higher self, you will experience a significant shift in how you navigate your life journey.  It could not be otherwise, as you become connected to higher spiritual streams that place you in a more favorable position for righteous living, as preconized by the Golden Rule that considers the general welfare in all decision-making processes and their enactment. 

Your higher self is connected with all-that-is. It bridges the ‘above’ and the ‘below.’ No wonder it mightily impacts the way you conduct your life. Historically, it has been the much-neglected part of you, as reflected in a world lacking a spiritual rudder. 

Knowing that your energy flows where you focus your attention, consciously acknowledge the needs of your higher self, prioritizing them over the clamors of your short-sighted and short-tempered lower self. 

As a loving parent does, explain to your tempestuous inner child how much it would benefit by humoring the selfless impulses of its inner ‘big brother’ or ‘big sister.’ 

I root for the coming to bloom of your higher self.  I am the divine spark that dwells into your mind to elevate its thoughts and pull the wool of the eyes of your lower self.”