Oregon, US of A
Monday, March 27, 2017
How is your vision? I am taking about your spiritual vision. Viewed from the cosmic perspective, you are still a fetus developing in Mother Earth’s womb. She provides you with growth sustaining nutrients. An embryo needs a full gestational period to develop the physical senses that will be needed for its orientation in the new world it will enter at birth. Optimally, nine gestational months are needed to bring forth a perfect human specimen.
“The same foundational principles apply to your preparation for your future life after crossing the threshold of material death. At birth, a fetus graduates from its status of fetus to the status of a full-fledged human being. Its death as a fetus is celebrated as its birthday as a human being. As well, its personality is increasingly revealed as it starts acting independently in its new surroundings.
“Take seriously your earthly gestational period. It varies for each one of you, and not one single day should be taken for granted. Will you put it to good use? Or will you ignore the growth possibilities it contains? Indeed, the sincerity, the integrity, the faithfulness, the steadfastness and the wisdom of your free-will decision will determine your future destiny after your birth in the next world of your ascending experience.
“The time is now to develop your clairvoyance, clairaudience and other heightened senses that will serve you well for your initial orientation in the next world. If you fail to cater to them, you will be born with some handicaps that could have been prevented had you lived according to the Divine Leadings constantly provided to you to help you acquire a 20/20 spiritual vision.
Indeed, in this world you are “Agodonters”—those who believe without seeing. In the next world, you will no longer be subjected to that status, as long as you have conscientiously done your assigned homework. With the wisdom of hindsight, everyone has twenty-twenty vision. Yet, it can be blurred by the tears of regrets. Why not cultivate instead the strength of your foresight that will guarantee you a future filled with pleasant surprises?”