Oregon, US of A
Friday, May 11, 2018

“Man’s greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in partial progress, the predicament of unfinished growth; forsaking the evolutionary religions of fear without immediately grasping the revelatory religion of love.”  [UB1090.04]

Thought Adjuster:  The above statement speaks to you in a very personal manner, as you underwent such a process.  It is initially anxiety-inducing when you ready yourself to let go of fear in order to take a leap of faith toward love.  The nature of fear is to claim someone as its prey and hold it hostage in its powerful grip.  Each one of you can relate to that and not a single life on this imperfect planet is immune to the gravitational pull of fear.  Indeed, not only does your environment abound in ‘fear-full’ situations, but many of you have been introduced to the Divine as a mysterious Force to be reckoned with. 

“Yet, such a fearful connection falls short of what it really can be, as, whenever fear is involved, you cannot enter into an equal and loving partnership with the Divine.  What do I mean by that?

“Love has NOTHING in common with fear.  Love is comforting, soothing, appeasing—and courageous.  Does your belief system reflect that?  Or do you feel pressured by the coercive influences of fear, guilt, and shame—the components of an emotionally abusive relationship?  Isn’t it time then to say “NO MORE!”  At first, it may be painful and unsettling to sever such a dysfunctional bondage, as you may be shamed and guilted by those who still adhere to such belief systems and treat you as a defector—the black sheep of their herd.

“You could liken yourself to a trapeze artist about to let go of his hold on one swinging trapeze to catch another one in mid-flight.  Due to this dangerous move, a net has been set in place to catch him if he misses.

“Dear ones, to progress in your spiritual life, you will be led to take many brave leaps of faith.  They are necessary steps that you will not come to regret, but rather wish you had taken earlier in life, as they would have spared you much debilitating anxiety.  By letting go of fears and hanging on for dear life to the trapeze of faith, it takes you to the platform of love—a much safer and welcoming foundation for your spiritual thriving. 

“It is a spiritual detoxification process.  It may take you a while to completely wean yourself of the unpleasant symptomatic remnants of fear, guilt, and shame. Yet, you will acquire spiritual wings and learn to joyfully soar like the free spirit you have ALWAYS been intended to be—your true nature.”