Oregon, US of A
Monday, July 23, 2018

“Things are time conditioned, but truth is timeless.”  [UB, 1297:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Much timeless truth is contained in the concise above statement.  Indeed, absolute truth is of the one-size-fits-all type.  It is relevant everywhere in the vast universes, as it has to do with everlasting spiritual values that are foundational to All-That-Is. 

“All-That-Is is timeless as well.  How so?  It is what subsides when All-That-Was has fallen by the sideways, as it was but an incubator for the everlasting truth.  Material things are subjected to wear-and-tear.  They go in and out-of-style and are quickly superseded by the latest fads, the latest inventions, and more.  However, what is of spiritual import can be ‘exported’, as it is relevant at all times and everywhere by the very fact that your Heavenly Progenitor is eternal and omnipresent.

“Rather than being fooled by the glitter of worldly possessions, educate yourself to see beyond such appearances.  Yes, you live in a world of time and space.  Yet, this is only one of the many time-zones that you cross along your lengthy ascension itinerary.  Over and over, shall you be called to leave your comfort zone and relocate to new surroundings presenting you with growth-conducive golden opportunities.  This is what growth is all about—a process of lifelong learning, renewal, and expansion. 

“The day shall come when time will no longer be of the essence, as you will have reached the forever stable realms of the Absolute.  You will operate under the flag of Truth—the truth of your being perfectly synchronized with the unalterable cosmic governing laws.

“Dear ones, devote your lives to the quest for such an absolute Truth—as it will never leave you empty-handed.  Rather, it will fill your being with a sense of undying purpose.  It will drive you forward and you will experience an endless string of enriching and edifying moments, as your entire being will be devoted to the assimilation of a greater truth—a truth that will keep upgrading and refining it.”