Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 17, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, yes I am your Thought Controller as you gave my your whole hearted permission to do so.  You know that I will NEVER take advantage of that privilege and misuse it as the Father in Heaven wishes for each one of His children to be a God-centered independent thinker. 

“As you well know, I started out connecting more tangibly with you at the time of your first moral decision.  This moment was a time of great joy for Me as I had been waiting for it and anticipating it for a very long time, even before you were born.  My feelings were the same as the ones of expecting parents, waiting for the moment when they can hold in their arms their beloved offspring. 

“Before your first moral decision, I was merely the observer of your progress--like parent observing their still unaware child through the glass window of the hospital nursery.  At the time of your first moral decision, I was allowed to move into your mind and assume my position to monitor your thinking.  I became your Thought Monitor and, being aware of all the electro-chemical impulses of your thinking, I was more able to scout the lay of the land, so to speak.

“As you became more awaken and called upon Me more frequently and consciously in your life decisions and events, asking me for My input, I became even more involved in your life and even more intimately connected with you.  This took our relationship to the next level, a much more personal level as you started responding with love to My input and nudges.  I became your Thought Adjuster.  What a new celebration of your life it became for Me, seeing the beautiful essence of your being coming more and more to the fore.

“Again, I felt like a parents watching his child develop into a healthy and capable being, growing into his/her own.  I know how much growing pain was involved in that process and your courageous attitude touched My heart very frequently – usually at the times when you felt so alone in your life battles.  Yes, the Teacher has to stay silent during the tests so that the child can claim his/her own mastery.  Yet, when the time comes for graduation, the Teacher is the one handing the Diploma to the pupil, with great pride and a sense of accomplishment as the Teacher was very personally involved in the child’s progress.

“As you grow in your life, my status also changes and passes from Thought Monitor, to Thought Adjuster, to Thought Controller.  What does it mean to be your Thought Controller? 

“Yesterday, the thought occurred to you that, as you are living with more and more awareness of your thinking, you are consciously stopping it in its tracks whenever you realize it is not of the highest frequencies.  You connected that process with my Presence in you as your welcome Thought Controller. 

“Yes, Dear child, my Thought Control has nothing to do with brainwashing.  What I am helping you to do is to become the conscious observer of your thinking.  Whenever you stop to assess the quality of your thinking, I am the one supporting you in that process.  I am like the railroad engineer who supervises the path of the train and, at any fork in the track, activates the device which keeps the train on the right tracks under its own power.  That moment of stopping in your mental tracks is the blessed moment of our connection; it is also a moment when you are genuinely listening to My input.  Your listening skills are more honed than you realize.  Keep working through that process and soon all the various possibilities in your life tracks will blend into one and you truly will be on the fast track!”