Oregon, US of A
Friday, December 15, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Visualize a magnificent sunset.  You are standing at the seashore and taking in the breathtaking sight.  Your heart is deeply moved and you wish for the setting sun to slow down its curve beyond the horizon. 

A stranger comes and stands next to you and, without any word being spoken, he shares a powerful soul communion with you and a song of appreciation and gratitude cannot help but rise from your wide-open hearts.  The perfection and fullness of that moment may lead you to smile at one another, as you feel united in that experience—a spiritual experience of sorts. This is what Beauty triggers in anyone and, as you can see from this example, it is one of the bridges between individuals—Truth and Goodness being the other two.

At the same time, this common appreciation of the highest human values makes peace possible.  The problem with human beings is their poor communication skills and the immaturity and shortsightedness of their points of view.

In the absence of humility, the brain stands in the way of the heart.  Rather than being tolerant toward others’ points of view, personalities brutally and mercilessly clash against one another and this results in a greater degree of separation between individuals—to the point where they want nothing to do with one another, thus depriving themselves of the unique qualities of their companions that would greatly contribute to the beautification of their human experience.

Dear ones, the stranger standing next to you on the beach is your brother.  Even though no word is exchanged between you, you are sharing a very special moment of inner connection.  You are feeling your brotherhood more tangibly than ever, as you are connecting in your hearts.

Learn to put your challenging relationships in perspective. Don’t you all have a deep innate appreciation for Truth, Beauty, and Goodness?  Wouldn’t these be the best topics of conversation between you, as no one among you is immune to their positive and unifying pull?  Whenever conflicts loom on your relational horizon, remind yourself that such issues are due to the fact that you fail to see the beautiful side of your companions.  Take the time then to get to know them with a genuine personal interest in them.  Ask them about themselves and what led them to believe what they currently believe.  Learn to put aside rash judgments, as yours is not to judge one another but to understand.  Whoever feels understood more readily opens up and give of oneself. Those are more effective steps toward world peace.”