Oregon, US of A
Thursday, December 19, 2019


Thought Adjuster: “Listening is a skill.  As you ready yourself to receive a message of spiritual import, you idle your mind, switching it to a listening mode.  You grasp that this listening mode is not just pertinent to ‘trans-veil’ communication, but also to any genuine connection you want to establish with any sentient beings.

“How else could you get to know any God-made personality?  What a rich practice field you have for the sharpening of your listening skills.  What matters most is that you also engage yourself, heart and soul, to pick up on the at times very subtle clues provided by your interlocutors. 

“Those who deal with the animal kingdom are getting very intuitive in deciphering their silent messages.  As well, this is a much-needed skill when parents care for a new-born or a toddler who cannot yet formulate in words their authentic needs. 

“Therefore, give yourself more credit as pertains to your ‘decoding’ skills.  In our inter-realm communications, you are also putting your growing skills to good use—practicing the next level of communication envisioned by the Creator and Common Denominator of All-That-IS.

“I dwell within your mind and am proficient at reading its complex signals.  I can entirely rely on the information you candidly provide Me.  As well, I am longing —as you are—for open two-way communication.  As you type My words, it is occurring—right here and right now.  Do not doubt it. 

“What matters is that you do not cut off the connection, as My guidance is spur-of-each-moment—if you only let Me.”