Oregon, US of A
Saturday, February 18, 2017

“Through the bestowal of the divine gifts the Father makes the closest possible approach to sin and evil, for it is literally true that the Adjuster must coexist in the mortal mind in the very midst of human unrighteousness.”  [UB Paper 8, section 6]

Thought Adjuster: “As you reflect upon My Indwelling Presence, you come to realize what an underutilized resource I am.  I dwell within the human mind and, depending on the lifestyle of My host, I may have to endure evil that is so foreign to Me and that I abhor. 

“How would you feel in a similar situation?  Wouldn’t you want to run away from such an insufferable environment?  Indeed, as Divine Fragments, We are ‘particularly tormented by those thoughts which are purely sordid and selfish; [We are] distressed by irreverence for that which is beautiful and divine, and [We are] virtually thwarted in [Our] work by many of man’s foolish animal fears and childish anxieties.”

“The many spiritual pollutants We are subjected to could be coined as emotional abuse.  Yet, because We love you unconditionally, We put up with them and persevere in our Ministry of Divine intervention.  We could help you achieve so much during your material lives, provided We have your wholehearted cooperation.

“Once We help you bring your house in order and clean up your acts, many wonderful opportunities will present themselves, as you will be more fully activated as a co-creator.

“Once you dispel from your life any counterproductive activities, much time will be freed to express the godlike attributes that lay dormant within yourself.  This will be the springtime of your soul; this will mark the true beginning of your eternal career, as you will have surrendered all your conflicting self-serving agendas to embrace the Father’s Vision for your destiny—a destiny I shall share with you eternally.”