Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 23, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, just as Adam and Eve were meant to be the biological uplifters of the human race, each one of you now living on the planet could become a spiritual uplifter.  All decisions made in Spirit eventually become manifested in the physical realm.  As a consequence, any degree of spiritual uplifting has a positive ripple effect on the condition of humanity.

“On the other hand, all throughout history, whenever human races failed to be uplifted by an expanded understanding of Truth, they “degenerated” and fell back into lower behavioral ways.  Ever since the birth of humanity on your planet, there has been a succession of uplifting and setbacks.  This is to show that each individual life decision matters and weighs on the course of worldly events.

“Each one of you who takes seriously your spiritual growth can be used as a divine instrument to elevate the spiritual atmosphere of the planet.  You can be one of the sparks that gets the spiritual fire going; you can wisely gather the kindling that keeps it fueled and burning stronger and stronger. 

“When you look at your life, you can pinpoint many such moments when your spirit was lifted by someone who was truly present in your life and caring about your wellbeing.  True Love and Care –TLC- is a great uplifter and can change someone’s previously downtrodden perception of their life experience to a more enthusiastic and vibrant attitude.  It can help them believe in their own power and encourage them to become spiritual “Go getters”, and to pursue their highest dreams and ideals.

“The Father is simultaneously the epitome of Idealism and Realism.  Being idealist is not synonym of being delusional and disconnected from reality.  Idealism is godlike and part of your own make-up; it is the driving force behind all “creativity.”  Ideals—like ideas--are conceived in the mind.  “Ideal” means “perfect” and “the best possible.”  Lives devoid of the pursuit of ideals are mediocre and flat lining.  Inspiration—i.e. being Spirit-led”-- is the needed element to turn their vision toward what makes them truly feel alive.  There are many “walking deads” on this planet, i.e. souls that are not aware of their divine essence.  Human spiritual uplifters, having a visible physical form, are the ones who can the most easily reach out to these souls and draw their attention to their own amazing inner gifts. 

“Many of these gifts are like seeds that need to be watered and fertilized in order to burst out of their protective shell.  If they are stored in a sterile and cold environment, they will remain dormant.  A truly Spirit-led individual will become a wonderful consultant for those who want to consciously initiate the landscaping of their inner garden.  They can provide them with many tips for a successful growing season.  They can also pollinate their lives with the bits of truth that they have gathered here and there through their own focused research.”