Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that, just as you have been born as a baby in the Kingdom of Man, you have to be born as a spiritual infant to gain entry to the Kingdom of Heaven within.  Take a moment to ponder that fact.  

You were ‘born’ in a family and the birthing process is the entry level to any new experience.  You have to be ‘initiated’ to anything and everything, as the acquisition of expertise happens over time—slower or faster, depending on your innate abilities.  This is the reason why your life in this world and beyond is and will be, a succession of mighty rebirth experiences—forever shedding the old cells for new ones.

Indeed, stagnation is holding on to the old and the longer you do so, the more outdated it becomes and you lose touch with reality, as it constantly changes and evolves.

Being reborn implies reconnecting with your childlike innocence and humility.  This is why Jesus asserted: “Verilyverily, I say unto thee, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” Such a rebirth gifts you with spiritual vision and completely impacts your human experience. 

Children are lovable. They are inquisitive and idealist.  Dear ones, go back to your roots by expressing your desire to be reborn, moment by moment.  This is a powerful practice, as it allows you to quickly leave behind any experience that does hold everlasting value.  Why greedily hoard these valueless possessions?  As you are reborn as a child of the Kingdom, many precious blessings are bestowed upon you as ‘welcome to the family’ presents.

Look at the history of your life and pinpoint the many moments when you let go of the old you to give a chance to the better version of yourself.  Indeed, your spiritual skin has to be shed repeatedly in order to keep you spiritually young and vibrant.”