Oregon, US of A
Saturday, August 24, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “You ARE who you are at any given moment. What I am saying here is that your past is gone. It served as the foundation for your personality ‘coordinates’ at this very moment in time and space. Many of you draw their value from the highlights of their past accomplishments. However, what good does it do them if they complacently rest on their laurels, thus missing out on ever-renewed opportunities to expand their spiritual estate and perfect their character?

“A brilliant past does not give anyone a free pass to a lousy present. Those who succumb to the down-spiraling pull of weakness or addiction, head for spiritual bankruptcy, and the memories of past successes can only remind them of what they could accomplish if they shook off what is presently holding them hostage.

“You can only progress from where you stand NOW. A mediocre present can be a transit station to better days—ALWAYS. Don’t you see it? The Father provides everyone with equal and eternal opportunities, as long as you are willing to ‘carpe diem’—seize the day. 

“Many of you have already cleared the debris off these hazardous character demolition sites, and steadfastly work at strengthening the spiritual framework of their life. By doing so, they grow in self-respect and self-confidence and get to discover their special talents as they get activated one by one by ‘providential’ life twists and turns. 

“Spirituality IS a dormant potential in each one of you. Haven’t you noticed that whenever you spontaneously engage in a profound spiritual conversation, you feel alive and start vibrating at a higher and enjoyable level? Isn’t it evidence enough that spirituality appeals to your Higher Self?”