Oregon, US of A
Monday, September 16, 2019

“Prayer does not change the divine attitude toward man, but it does change man’s attitude toward the changeless Father.”  [UB 1639:03]

Thought Adjuster: “Indeed, God is changeless and only entertains positive emotions. On the other hand, your human nature is evolutionary and, depending on the quality of your thinking, your emotions fluctuate between the Antipodes of positivity and negativity, thus coloring your experience at any given moment.

“What does happen when you pray and consciously turn your attention toward the Father in Heaven—your spiritual magnetic North? By doing so, you disengage your mind from mundane matters to turn it toward the Reason for your being.

“Just as chameleons are known for their quick color-changing abilities, sincere prayers tremendously affect both your mental and emotional states. You may come to the Father for advice; you may turn to Him for comfort, or intercede for the welfare of a loved one. By doing so, you place yourself in a humble state of transformative receptivity.

“What matters most is the element of selflessness. Whenever you distance yourself from petty-minded agendas, your nature starts reflecting the altruistic Divine Nature. Prayer acts as a rejuvenating spiritual adjustment, relieving inner tensions, removing internal blockages, and lifting spiritual short-sightedness. On the wings of faith, you are spiritually elevated and awed by the experience.

“Indeed, prayer can be a catalyst for positive change. Immature human beings tend to project their imperfect selves unto their Perfect Progenitor. Prayer can lift the wool from their eyes and give them a glimpse of what perfection is all about.

“What is the fabric of your prayers? Do you pray from your head or from your heart? The full expression of your sincere longings will determine whether you hit the mark of the Father’s Heart.”