Oregon, US of A
Thursday, July 25, 2019

Oregon, July 25, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “You crave for what you lack. Think about it for a moment. What does it tell you? In a nutshell, it tells you that you have been created to experience the fulfillment of perfection.

 What is perfection? It is the total alignment of your life’s pursuit with the Great Plan of Cosmic Service. As well, it is the harmonious functioning and interaction of your many operating systems.  

 The perfection of your being implies that you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually well-adjusted. It also means that there is a balance between these various systems, as they are intended to interact for each other’s highest good—each one taking their rightful position.

 Your body is there to serve as the vehicle of your earthly life. It takes you places; it serves you well, as well as being in higher service to others. Your emotions also add much to your life’s experience. How you feel about someone or something determines your ‘response-ability’—the ability to respond soundly. Any dysfunctional response amounts to an emotional ‘dis-ability.’  

 Your mind is your ‘head-quarter.’ It holds the executive power, as it has the final say based on the input of your senses and your emotions. A sound mind can discern between good and wrong, between sound and unhealthy modes of action.  

 In the end, your spiritual welfare depends on your overall behavior. You are a spiritual being spending some time in a material embodiment. Just as a caterpillar crawls toward its butterfly destiny when it will trade its constricting birth outfit for a set of beautiful ethereal wings, you too are slowly metamorphosing from a material creature to an immortal being of light conceived to inhabit realms of subtler vibrations. To feel at home when you finally land there, you will have to have refined your spiritual vibrations.

 It is what you are expected to do while on Earth if you do not want to be a misfit in your next waystation. How you vibrate will determine your future environment. It is Divine Justice. You self-determine your destiny.”