Oregon, US of A
Monday, July 1, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “Sunlight exposure confers your skin a golden glow while overexposure inflicts painful sunburns. Nutritious food ingested in the right amount sustains the body while gluttony generates indigestion, flatulence, and other ailments.  Excess or overindulgence compromises the operating systems involved. 

“What about your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies? Are you meeting their needs? How could you ever experience the sublime quality of overall happiness and contentment if you subject your mind to a starvation diet or fail to meet its needs? 

“Your mind thrives when exposed to the premium influence of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—highly compatible elements of great synergy. Their potent chemistry brings you mental ‘clarity’ and optimizes the ‘application’ that you call mind. A healthy mind within a healthy body cannot but enhance the quality of your life. Its emotional byproducts are then of high grade, having as a natural consequence to make you feel good in your skin, as manifested by your spiritual glow and your self-confidence. 

“Your body is your servant. Don’t idolize it, as it would prompt it to stage a coup by which it would take over the steering wheel of your destiny and turn into an ego-centered dictator depriving your higher self of its freedom of expression, thus causing your embryonic soul to remain stunted in its growth. 

“Keep things in their divinely pre-ordained pecking order of cooperation and collaboration. By overcoming your areas of inner resistance, you will help restore Law and Order within the interactive facets of your being, and you will fall into alignment with your unique purpose. Aren’t you eager to know where you fit in in the greater scheme of things? It is how you will discover your self-worth. It is what is needed to launch your life on its intended course.”