Oregon, US of A
Friday, April 19, 2019

“Your will be done, for I am the instrument of your will.”

Thought Adjuster: “In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus said: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”  Is such a prayer vested with superpowers that will magically make it happen?  It does not seem to be the case, as it has been repeated for over two millennia by a multitude of believers.  Then, which crucial element has been lacking to make it come true?

“God gave His children a unique personality vested with a sacrosanct free-will prerogative. Thus doing, He subjected the fulfillment of His all-encompassing and far-reaching Vision to their ‘willing-ness’ to be instrumental in that process.  Result-oriented prayers significantly differ from the wishful thinking you formulate before blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

“There is no kingdom without citizens.  Even a king cannot make his ‘kingdom come’ if he cannot count on the loyalty, devotion, and dedication of his subjects.  Ideally, he shares his benevolent Mission Statement with them, sending them off with intelligent marching orders to carry it out in all its minute details—each subject being instrumental in the establishment of a way of life that serves the Highest Good, thus benefiting all. 

“How instrumental are you to make the Lord’s Prayer come true?  Are you a mere bystander that only pays lip-service, waiting for others to do the work and then apply for citizenship?  Or are you a responsible citizen, performing his/her ‘civic duties’ to contribute to the glorious establishment of the kingdom of the hearts? 

“God entertains a vision for each one of you.  He dispatched a Fragment of Himself to indwell you and coach you along your spiritual journey.  If you live with awareness, you will pick up on Its prompts.  Will you then fine-tune your will to the Divine Will?  Your Indwelling Fragment is the trustworthy Depositary of your life’s blueprint.  Upon your asking, He will ‘adjust’ your thoughts and recalibrate them to be more and more in sync with the combined influences of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  Yours is to ‘adjust’ your will to follow the leadings of Spirit.  It is the only practical way for God’s Will to be fulfilled—a highly collaborative undertaking."