California, US of A
Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings celebrate birthdays as milestones of their earthly sojourn—points of reference in time.  With hindsight, they can better grasp how past events contributed to their personal evolution, being the catalysts for many subtle inner adjustments.  How so?

“Many planetary events impact multitudes, such as widespread cataclysms that endanger their sustainability.  How you respond to such events upon which you have no apparent control is how you learn to mitigate their impact on your inner world, the area upon which you still have some control.

“Are you letting these adversarial forces so destabilize you that you spiral down in a state of depression and utter helplessness?  Or are you looking them in the eyes, standing your inner ground and remaining calm and collected?  Keep in mind that the Father always has your highest good at heart and will help you pass these grueling tests with flying colors—His colors.

“This is how Jesus faced all the tribulations He encountered.  Rather than bucking in fear, He scouted for their positive side, refusing to let them rob Him of His Peace and His connection with His Heavenly Father.  This is how He was able to turn His death on the cross into a personal victory—transmuting the most helpless and final moment of His earthly sojourn into a glorious spiritual victory.”