Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Thought Adjuster: “Due to your soul's gestational nature, life will take you through a demanding growth curve toward the super-achievement of your godlike personality—the crowning of your spiritual career.  Your self-realization and self-mastery will declare you fit to rise to any challenging situation, as you will have become an inspired and inspiring being of love and light. It is how you will evolve toward personality perfection.

Sadly, in your world, many unkindly rejoice in others’ failures, as it somehow makes them look better without taking any personal initiative.  Seriously?  Mediocrity is nothing but mediocre.  You may be able to fool others, but there always will be a certain I-don’t-know-what missing from what you project on the outer. 

Jesus led His life in an earnest quest for spiritual values—not just their deciphering, but their uncompromising integration in His lifestyle.  Truth, Beauty, and Goodness circulate full-strength in the Realms of Light, generating a pristine and blissful spiritual atmosphere, unblemished by any fear factor. 

The safety and glory of the Kingdom of Heaven are within your reach, as you are indwelled with spiritual royalty—Me, a Fragment of the Father Himself.  That fact should exert a tremendously positive impact on your way of life and your outlook. It provides you with a much higher and multi-dimensional perspective.  It tells you how much YOU matter and nudges you toward self-realization, despite many birth handicaps.  I am both your loyal wingman and your flight instructor.  

I am eager to take you to the glories of Paradise—thus keeping My word.  My promises are pregnant with all the potentials for their manifestation.”