Oregon, US of A
Sunday, February 5, 2017

“Can you not advance in your concept of God’s dealing with man to that level where you recognize that the watchword of the universe is progress?”  [UB 54:05]

Teacher:  “Dear child, you would like for us to expand on the above statement.  Indeed, it would serve humankind well to look at their relationship with God as meant to be ‘progressive’—rather than passive or inexistent.  How could you otherwise become ‘godlike’ by ‘becoming perfect as He is perfect’? 

“You are obviously not born in spiritual perfection.  However, you have received the abilities to reach that much-coveted state of being.  In a way, as a creature that evolves experientially, you are in a constant state of ‘be-coming.’  This is why it is accurate to say that “the watchword of the universe is progress.”

“Progressing is moving in the right direction, while regressing is straying further away from it.  Standing still is neither one, as it is synonymous with passivity and complacency and does not support progress.

“Dear ones, scrutinize your spiritual life from this vantage point.  Are you maintaining a living connection with your Heavenly Father?  Or do you mostly get to know Him by hearsay and through possibly tainted human beliefs?

“Beliefs are mental.  You cannot build a relationship with anyone through mere beliefs.  A relationship involves the mutual investment and commitment of two personalities.  It occurs at the heart level, even though it may first be encouraged by mental processes. 

“Knowing that you have a Heavenly Father is what gives you the desire to get to ’know’ Him.  Those are two completely different types of ‘Knowingness.’  The second one is experiential and validates that you were right in your initial belief of son-ship.   

“Just as your physical body is continually changing as you grow older, your spiritual connection to the Father has to progress as it is the eternal adventure He wishes for you to pursue.”