Oregon, US of A
Saturday, April 30, 2016
“Remember, even if prayer does not change God, it very often effects great and lasting changes in the one who prays in faith and confident expectation.” [UB 998:03]
“Dear child, as you well know from your religious upbringing, the Father is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent—translated in modern language: He is everywhere, knows everything and is all powerful [i.e. able to do everything that is in harmony with His perfection.]
“Put in this perspective, it should strip human beings from any doubt they may entertain as to whether or not their prayers are being heard and answered. The Father is “omnipresent”—He is right there within you, taking a very intimate personal interest in your life. In fact, He wishes to experience the colorful mosaic of life experiences through each one of His children.
“The Father is also “in the know” of your thinking. He dwells within your mind and monitors it closely-- not absent-mindedly. You matter to Him. You are most special to Him as you are as unique as a snowflake. You are His creature and nothing He creates is random. Therefore He does not consider you as an accident of time. He rather sees you as a potentially magnificent being, whose conception has been blessed with the purest loving intentions.
“The Father is also “all powerful. The only limitations to His power are the Divine eternal Laws that He wisely enacted and that are spanned all over the canvass of His ever-evolving creation in order to safeguard its integrity. The Law of Cause and Effect is forever part of that process. Only good, true and beautiful intentions will ever be empowered and supported by the Father’s Vision.
“Prayer is what allows the creature to commune with Its Maker. Just as parents pay a loving attention to the immature babbling of their little ones, the Father’s Heart is moved by any honest and heartfelt outreach. A lively conversation is a two-way street where one takes turn in speaking and in listening. It has to be an intimate expression of your thinking and feeling in order to be the foundation for a authentic relationship.
“How else could you expect any relevant and meaningful feedback if you do not present the Father with an accurate run-down of your life situation and dilemmas—that He already knows? There is no need to sugarcoat and water down your personal truth. Honest prayer is actually a mean to “express” from your being whatever concerns you—the good, the bad, and the ugly.
“In your modern civilization, many human beings turn to a “human shrink” in order to get help. You are spiritual beings and in need of spiritual guidance. Isn’t the Maker of your being the most qualified “Shrink” you could ever confide to? By turning to Him for advice, you are being guaranteed that your confidences will never be betrayed nor used against you and that you will get constructive and enlightening feedback.
“Frequently, some level clarity and some degree of emotional relief will come to you with the mere articulation of a personal situation. Words bring on the outside what has been tightly buried on the inside. Your mouth and your heart are the portals through which much inner pressure can be released from your being once denial has been dealt with. It takes courage to face the music.
“In His Wisdom, the Father may not provide you with instant feedback but you can be assured that it will be forthcoming. He will not enable you to be complacent but will “en-courage” you to take action so that you can truly bring forth the manifestation of the fruits of Spirit in your life. Yours is to ask; His is to plant those spiritual seeds that will mature in divine timing through your personal efforts as it is the process that will generate the most rightful pride and appreciation.”