Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Teacher: “As you sit silently in a receptive state, your mind acts as the blank screen upon which a power-point presentation is about to be given.  It is a good metaphor for the process of Receiving and Transmitting the small lessons we impart onto you.

‘“From our higher vantage point, we flash into your receptive mind the ‘memes’ we have prepared to outline our lesson.  As you take in their essence, you translate them into ordinary language, acting as a Teacher Assistant—the lecturer in charge of delivering the Power-Point presentation. 

“By ‘formulating’ the jest of our lessons, you give ‘form’ to the flashes of insight we are beaming your way, thus anchoring them into your material reality to serve as valuable guidelines.  Our teachings are always relevant and practical.  They do not aim at saturating your mind with pretentious and useless information.  Instead, we simplify and water down critical areas of understanding so that you can absorb them, process them, and apply them. 

“We intend for you to share our lessons for the benefit of all.  We often use the data of your personal experience to exemplify them, thus making them relatable to many, as your experience is part of the human condition.

“Our recorded transmissions can be freely shared with those who are asking similar questions.  They become effectively disseminated through the very technology that we helped develop on your world.  Many technological breakthroughs, such as the ones of the so-called computer age, were channeled from above in a timely manner to facilitate the forward evolution of humankind.  Those celebrated as inventors were, in fact, the receivers of such technological revelations.”