Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

“Be not deceived by the tempting rewards of dishonest achievement; be willing to toil for the later returns inherent in honest endeavor.”  [UB Paper 160:4]

Thought Adjuster: “How can anyone draw any sense of pride from undeserved praise?  It amounts to a phony claim to fame.  Revisit some of your life’s events to pinpoint how your most prideful moments came about.

“They were the fruit of your efforts and unyielding dedication.  The elated ‘look-at-me!’ of a little who masters a new skill says it all.  Righteous pride is earned; it is not a freebie. 

“Indeed, those who apply themselves toward the realization of their goals are flooded with a blissful sense of self-achievement once they cross the finish line.  They deserve the admiration of their peers—not to fuel any narcissistic tendencies, but to become inspirational figures, helping others break through their glass ceilings.

“To take underserved credit without setting the record straight defrauds others of the fruits of their labor.  Moreover, it implies a high level of deception—self-deception, as well as deception of your peers.  How could anyone brag about it?

“What you earn fair and square is yours to keep while you have to make restitution for what you appropriate unjustly.  No matter hard you try to convince yourself that you are proud of your ‘mis-deeds,’ they leave a bitter aftertaste of shame and guilt.

“Dear ones, the Father can only collaborate with you through the integrity of your character —the light of your being.  Do not let iniquity project shadows on such a rich trust fund.”