Oregon, US of A
Monday, March 6, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about parallel organisms.  What do I mean by that?  You have the saying: “As above, so below.”  Indeed, anything visible to the human eye finds its match or takes its origin in higher and invisible spiritual realities. 

“The same goes for your physical vehicle.  It has multiple counterparts that are harder for human beings to grasp, due to the fact that they are of much finer vibrations and have to do with the superconscious and subconscious layers of what constitutes a human being.

“Yet, you can learn much from the workings of your physical being, as it functions according to ‘parallel’ principles.  Because you live in a world fraught with a variety of environmental pollutants, you greatly benefit from regular cleansings—seasonal episodes when you decide to purge your being from toxins.  In order to do so, you go on a strict and healthy diet and you abstain from any unhealthy food groups.  This triggers a detoxification process in your body and enables it to wean itself from accumulated toxic materials.  The initial days on that regimen may be uncomfortable due to the release of toxins, but soon you feel reenergized and vibrant.

“You can apply the same principle to the detoxification process of unhealthy memories and their attached trapped emotions.  Indeed, they have to be dealt with in order to be successfully flushed out of your being, thus restoring you to optimal emotional health.  It is unavoidable that you are called to process such emotions, as your life’s circumstances frequently allow them to nest within you.  Unfortunately, their toxic entrapment has adverse side effects in your overall wellness.

“Forgiveness is the most powerful detoxifying agent for such emotional cleansing.  It has to be done very consciously by allowing the memories attached to these emotions to be recalled in the consciousness in spite of their troubling nature.  Yours is then to ‘forgive’ the cause of these trapped emotions, thus severing the cords that keep them attached to your being like unwanted parasites and bringing them to the divine light to be cauterized and transmuted in higher vibrations.  “Indeed, everything can be recycled in a positive way.  Yet, you have to willingly initiate such a process, as any resistance will prevent it from occurring.”