Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Patience! You cannot rush the present, as it will forever take its time.  So many of you lack the necessary focus on the present moment, thus depriving themselves of the sharpness of their all-around vision.  Indeed, if you are absent-minded you may trip on some otherwise very obvious obstacles.  As well, if you live each ‘present’ moment with focused awareness, you will detect the many layers contained in each moment, as well as their ‘living’ lessons.

“You live in a world of cause and effect.  It is one of the reasons why Jesus resorted to parables in His spiritual teachings—examples relatable to all, independently of the level of their spiritual growth.  Again, this is due to the multi-layers of your reality.  Your physical eyes may lack this in-depth perception, but your spiritual vision will eventually make up for the distance between the surface of the material life and the height, depth, and width of the spiritual one. 

“Without consciously arriving at this conclusion for yourself, you may however correctly interpret the law of spiritual cause and effect in many of your life’s occurrences.  Indeed, you are quick to pick up on the fluctuating emotional state of your siblings that seep through their more stable physical layer—the same body expressing through a frown, a grin or a smile whatever goes on within at any given time, no words needed.

“Don’t you see?  The same applies to your even loftier spiritual reality.  Its level of ‘vibrancy’ is exuded through your material body—what you coin as your ‘auric field’.   Indeed, an ‘enlightened’ soul projects light while a ‘darkened’ soul is shrouded in darkness.  Yet, such an unattractive spiritual habiliment can be quickly altered, once you decide for yourself to let it happen.  The Father will immediately wash and purify you with the ‘living waters of Truth’ and strip your soul from what makes it unbecoming.  Dear ones, you are the ones and the only ones in charge of the timing of your spiritual makeover.  Aren’t you eager to sport the more attractive version of yourself?”