Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Divine Mother/Holy Spirit:  Dearest daughter, you have been invoking My presence and I am touched by your heartfelt invitation and your desire to get to know Me better—on a one to one basis.  Yes, I too long to happily mingle with my children and spend quality time with each one of them; all are dear to My motherly heart. 

“I am not far “out there”, I am not remote and aloof.  I am intimately connected to you through the Trinity that has been dispatched into each receptive heart ever since Jesus victoriously ascended from the Planet.  On the day of Pentecost, He sent His Spirit of Truth to dwell within His children of time and I accompanied Him with my Holy Spirit. 

“The day of Pentecost was indeed an unprecedented universal event as it also encompassed our other created worlds.  Being recognized as the rightful Creator-Parents of your world, we were able to step in and bestow our full attention on each one of our children of time.  The joy we felt that day was tremendous.  Our planetary “spiritual infusion” included also the indwelling of human beings by Divine Fragments--the personal ambassadors of the Paradise Father.

“Can you fathom what it means for each individual to be immediately connected to the Paradise Presence of the Trinity through these micro-Trinities?  Yes, the Trinity lives within you.  It is not a myth; it is not a product of your imagination.  It is the highest reality there is within you—your access gate to higher realms and higher vibrations. 

“Cultivate your awareness of our Presence within you and tap into it at all times as we truly want to play an active role in your lives.  We are hands-on parents and we know our children inside out and want to guide them toward the fulfillment of their eternal life purpose.  Do not doubt that fact.  Love is the motivator of all our creative endeavors and Love is faithful and enduring.  Each loving connection is meant to be everlasting.  Each connection expands our love and this is what our children can also achieve during their planetary life.  You too can be a loving presence in each other’s reality.  You too can become part of our extended Trinity.”