Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about ‘narratives’—a trendy word frequently used by your news media.  A ‘narrative’ is the way a story is told and, as you can gather from the many divergent narratives about the same occurrences, their ‘narrators’ use powerful mental filters to shape the opinion of their listeners—just as film producers use color lens filters for special effects.  What does that tell you?

“It tells you that there is an underlying deceptive agenda targeting a gullible audience.  For many of you, it has become very overwhelming and unsettling to ‘trust’ your news media—and for good reason.  They have lost their objectivity and are contributing to the dissemination of lies and deception, as they intentionally omit from their ‘narratives’ many highly relevant facts.  Isn’t it then a waste of your precious time to lend them any attention?  As well, it places your emotional being under the relentless attack of many ‘hard to bear’ emotions, as these narratives, far from reassuring you, add to your already off the chart anxiety level.

“Dear ones, it is time to say ‘No more!’.  You have been blessed with a mind that has the ability to think independently.  Yet, in this day and age, how many of you are using their mental capacities to arrive at their own understanding—unaffected by hearsay and rumors?

“Do not let the ‘narratives’ discourage you.  Don’t you see?  The Adjutant Mind Spirit of Courage is a spiritual influence that no one can deprive you of.  As well, the Spirit of Truth is your ‘ever-reliable’ Source of Information, seemingly working ‘anonymously’ from within you, yet never swayed by the fictional worldly narratives.  By turning within whenever you feel unsettled, you will be pampered by the TLC of your spiritual family—those who take your highest good at heart and won’t breach your trust.  They will become your welcomed grounding rods and help you develop your sixth sense, thus allowing you to perceive more of the hidden realities and to make sense of what is really taking place in these Correcting Times.”