Oregon, US of A
Monday, January 15, 2018

Though Adjuster: “Let us address again the subject of Fears.  Indeed, Fears are the culprits who cause the dysfunctionality exhibited in your personal lives and in your world.  What are you afraid of? 

“Fears operate as malignant undercover agents lurking all around you: the fear of lack; the fear of inadequacy; the fear of losing what is dear to you—be it material possessions, relationships, and more; the fear of death; the fear of being hurt, misunderstood or misjudged; the fear of not being accepted for who you are; the fear of taking chances, and more.

“Each fear triggers a protective reaction:  The fear of lack generates a mental disorder identified as the hoarding of material possessions; the fear of inadequacy may cause you to either shy away from educational episodes, preventing you from taking the necessary leap of faith that would take you to a better place, thus confirming to you your self-misdiagnosis of chronic inadequacy; the fear of losing what is dear to you may cause you to bury your ‘silver talents’ rather than wisely investing them, or to subscribe to a multitude of insurance policies; the fear of death may adversely deplete you from your ‘joy of living’;  the fear of being hurt may prevent you from putting yourself out there and make a difference in others’ lives, including yours;  the fear of being misunderstood seriously holds you back in the expression of your unique personality, thus depriving the world of your beautiful contribution.

“Your Master Jesus became the epitome of courage, never yielding to debilitating fears.  His best approach was to take the offensive, rather than merely being on the defensive.  What do I mean by that?  His Faith in the Divine Plan for His life kept Him bravely marching forward across the enemy line of Fear. 

“Like yours, His family was not immune to the threat of poverty and unsustainability.  To provide for their needs, He was proactive, devising ways to put bread on their table.  Neither was He intimidated by the fear of inadequacy or of being misunderstood.  Yet, He was greatly misunderstood and His character was constantly defamed by the gossip and mean-spiritedness of His detractors. He remained in touch with His true nature and became a powerful agent of positive change in this world and beyond.  He came as a brave and fearless Savior and remained, at all times, loyal to His calling. He always gave His 100% and even death could not deter Him from following through with the Father’s Will.

“Dear ones, it is time for you to confront your fears and overcome them. What would Jesus do if He stood in my shoes?” is the leading question to ask yourself.  Ask and take all the time you need to process the forthcoming answers.  Your Divine Indweller is with you to give you the necessary coaching before sending you back into the ring of life to conquer your fears.  You may not win each round.  Yet each round will make you smarter and wiser.  You may even learn from your mistakes and the strengths of your adversaries.  God’s Plan is to make a winner out of you and to guide you to enjoy such a powerful co-creative freedom.”