Oregon, US of A
Friday, July 6, 2018

Human life begins with a bright flash of light as a sperm meets an egg, according to a Telegraph article, which says scientists have video footage that proves, for the very first time, that at the exact moment of conception, an explosion of sparks erupts from the egg.

Thought Adjuster: “Your authentic self is anchored in the truth, the beauty, and the goodness of your being.  Where else could it be?  Your conception was a luminous event hinting at the fact that you are foremost beings of light.  Do not settle for any less than that, as it prevents you from getting in touch with the magnificence of your being.

“Many of you are told, directly or indirectly, that they do not amount to much and should be ashamed of themselves.  Those are the harmful lies spread by those who have put their own luminescence on hold by putting blinders on.

“A light is meant to shine unhindered and, thus doing, to illuminate its surroundings.  It is both a blessing and a reassuring way shower.  Surely, due to your free will prerogative, you can choose to blow out your light and blend in with the darkness.  Yet, this is far from being an informed and ‘enlightened’ decision.  Invisible threats—imaginary or real—proliferate in the darkness, a depressing environment where souls wander aimlessly, having failed to identify their God-given eternal purpose.

“Dear ones, opt to rekindle the light of your being and to keep this inner torch burning.  It will reveal to you a joyful and happy trail that you can follow in the comforting company of your enlightened siblings.  Be vigilant so that your precious inner lights never go out but are mutually enhanced by pooling them together, projecting their glow in the darkness and initially blinding its indwellers.  Yet, their joyful radiance won’t fail to get their attention and eventually make them wish to emerge from the unreality of this shadowy world.  A flame throws no shadow.  Be such a flame!”