Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, as you come into my Presence this morning, you realize that the best communication takes place between us when your mind is in a state of peace and quietude.  Whenever your mind is preoccupied when you initiate the Stillness time, come to me and confide to me whatever it is that agitates your mind.  By releasing your concerns and worries to Me, you are purging your being from these interfering energies and you can then step into the Stillness.

“You have experienced this peace frequently in your life whenever a loved one lends you a compassionate ear at times of your life when you need to articulate some challenging life situations.  Being able to fully express and articulate to a trusted friend whatever has been buried in your mind and heart is a great source of relief and allows peace to move in into your being and to replace the previous agitation.

“The peace that passes all understanding is a beautiful substance which envelops your being like a gentle morning fog.  That peace quiets the mind and makes you receptive to receive higher guidance; it actually puts you in the presence of the Giver of all Peace, and at such times, words are no longer necessary. 

“Love and Peace are substances, real energies.  Human beings have to learn to tap into these higher energies in order to function from a place of functionality rather than dis-functionality.  Love and Peace are healing balms.  Love and Peace are the most longed for values in the universe and they are supported by universal spiritual gravity.  Do no longer resist such a wonderful pull as it unfailingly will take you closer to the Father.  It is His Plan for all His children to be drawn back into His bosom through their own longings of the heart and their own efforts to collaborate with their inner Fragment, who knows the way Home.”