Oregon, US of A
Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings have all been blessed with the ability to love, as they are all given the same opportunity to access the Kingdom of Heaven—the experiential place of perfected Love. 

Just as migratory birds retrace instinctively their way home, your emotional heart has been meant to be your navigational tool.  Yet, many of you only believe in the visible, as they have not yet developed the faith needed to access their invisible reality.  They ‘love’ material possessions, but such a type of material love creates a dependence on the continual gratification of the physical senses—a type of material addiction that fails to satisfy the true longings of your heart. 

Your body will eventually return to dust and lose its grip on its material possessions.  What will remain from your earthly experience if you fail to accumulate the spiritual treasures you are entitled to take with you?  The Kingdom of Heaven is an inner place of love, peace, and joy.  Have you tasted it yet?  These fleeting moments when you have an insight in such a kingdom of the heart will awaken your spiritual taste buds, which will greatly help you in your quest to repeat such a transformative inner experience and make it last.

Peace is the best personal possession you could acquire.  Your physical life provides you with the practice field for the acquisition of the peace that surpasses all understanding.  Once you can function regularly from a state of peace, you will quickly pick-up on any dangerous interference that threatens to deprive you of your inner peace and you will take immediate corrective action to regain your inner balance. 

You will thus avoid getting involved in unnecessary and energy draining drama.  Your Master Jesus earned the title of Prince of Peace.  He continuously maintained an impressive inner poise in the midst of the most challenging situations.  Trust in the fact that He is here in spirit to guide you safely through your own turmoil.”