Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Thought Adjuster:  “Thought came to your mind that you have been conceived to act as a little ‘solar panel.’  What does it imply?

“A solar panel generates sustainable energy by capturing and storing solar energy.  It becomes then an alternative source of energy that can be shared if needs arise. 

“This is a good metaphor in regard to the spiritual side of your being.  Just as the energy output of your physical body needs to be compensated by the regular ingestion of fluids and nutrients, your spiritual body—even though it is invisible to you—also needs to be constantly recharged through its connection with the divine ‘power sources’—the spiritual grid that has been put in place all over the superuniverse to make everything sustainable—including the children of time.

“Are you adequately feeding your spirit or are you starving it to death?  Are you attuned to its immediate needs for sustainability or are you neglecting its welfare?  This question needs to be asked and answered by each individual.  It is of eternal impact. 

“By catering regularly to your spiritual needs, you will undoubtedly undergo an inner metamorphosis.  Take My word for it.  You are part of the cosmic spiritual grid.  Yours is to activate the connection.  Mine is to jump into action with your permission.  I am the Divine Energy meant to saturate your being.  I am the Divine Inspiration meant to guide you moment by moment.  I hailed from the Great Cosmic Generator that ensures an infinite supply of life sustaining energies.   

“Dear ones, as you intend to partake to these higher energy currents that are meant to assist you in your personal ascension—just like the wind takes a kite to higher and higher levels—I will ‘engineer’ the connection.  You will then learn how to daily recharge your Divine Solar Panel by turning within and allowing your being to be infused by the Divine Sun Rays that will mightily empower your life.”