Oregon, US of A
Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Teacher Uteah: “One of the many reasons I invite each one of you to share with Me cherished moments of their life’s journey is that it helps Me map out what makes you tick—wherefrom you draw joy and happiness.

“Not only does such a sharing revitalize beautiful memories, but it also serves as a much-needed check of your emotional reality.  It makes you come to the realization that you did not miss out on life, as it blessed you with many privileged episodes—your goody bags.

“Goody bags are filled with small random objects that delight the child as he pulls them out one by one.  Some of you may think they got the short end of the stick but if they stop to examine the many surprises retrieved from their ‘goody bag’ they will come to grasp the abundance of their blessings.

“It does not require money to enjoy the fragrance of a flower, the magnificence of a butterfly, the spellbinding atmosphere of a sunrise or a sunset, the harmonics of bird songs, and so many of the freebies that are scattered along your path.  What it requires is that you live with awareness and recognize that, indeed, you are included in the daily distribution of gifts.

“Dear ones, sensitize your heart to all these kind gestures of the universe.  Why did the Father add colors, sounds, tastes, and textures to His creation?  Why did He gift you with a unique personality with likes and dislikes?  Doesn’t it all point out to the Intelligence of His Heart and His Creative Intention that your heart be deeply moved by His Heart-work?

“Be on the outlook for such blessed moments.  Take mental and emotional snapshots, and edit them at the end of each day only safekeeping the best ones.”