Oregon, USA
Sunday, August 25, 2019

Christ Michael/Jesus: “My post-mortem recommendations to My beloved disciples were no different than the ones I gave during My private and public ministries. They addressed the frame of mind and heart that I wished for them to adopt.

 “I also asked them to espouse the following demeanor that I had role-modeled while in the flesh: I loved them dearly and placed much trust in them.  I imparted My peace. I patiently waited for My hour to come and lived a life of dedicated service to My Father and My brothers.  I did not yield to fear, but always mustered the courage to act according to My Father’s Will. I stressed the value of having a strong faith, of treating others as family, of following the Divine leadings and being loyal to the Father and one another.

 “On their deathbed, in their parting words to their loved ones, many urgently relay the power-points of the experiential wisdom they gleaned over their lifetime—their take on life. It is a sacred moment when they pass on the reins to the next generation, doing their due diligence to convey heartfelt recommendations, as well as enlightened cautions.

 “Parents admonish their children to love one another as they have loved them, being anxious about the preservation of the family unit after their departure.

 “I too was very concerned about passing the baton to My disciples. I had intimate last-minute conversations with them before My detractors took Me into custody.  Their welfare was on My mind, and it weighed heavily on My heart before, during, and after My crucifixion.

 “It is why I wasted no time paying them a few visits in My resurrected form, and My message reiterated what I had already taught them. However, it had a strong and renewed impact, as I was simultaneously keeping My promise to be with them in Spirit.

 “I made this promise to all of you, as you too are part of My family. Generations ago, I incarnated for each one of you. What I can no longer do in the flesh, I still do in Spirit. I have a living connection to each one of you, and My Spirit of Truth is here to guide you in Love and Light, just as I did for the inner circle of My trusted and anointed ambassadors.”