Oregon, US of A
Saturday, March 3, 2018

Thought Adjuster: “The Disciples of Jesus asked Him to teach them how to pray. To this day, many of you are still clueless about the language of prayer.  Indeed, prayer is the language of the heart—not a recitation of memorized generic formulas intended to ‘magically’ find their way to the Father’s Heart.  How could they?  Isn’t your own heart moved by the sincerity of other’s hearts, while mere lip service fails to do so but often leads to the bitter disappointment of having invested your faith in empty promises?

“Let us then look at Prayer from the perspective of the Father’s Heart—their intended destination.  What if you set yourself out to write Love Letters to the Father?  Would you just quickly scribble down a perfunctory “I Love You” note?  Or, feeling inadequate to express your love in your own words, would you pay a visit to the Hallmark store on a quest for the perfect card to express what you feel?  This would already have a lot more impact on His Heart, as He would be touched by the intention, time, and effort you put in the process.

“Yet, as you steadily grow a healthy soul, the words of love start to spontaneously rise from your open and transformed heart.  You may then feel the urge to write Him a Love Poem or a Love Song—in your very own words and tentative rhymes.  How do you think that would make Him feel?  

“Dear children, don’t you see?  The Father welcomes any messages from His children.  Yet, the manner they are delivered impacts the response of His Heart.  The reception of your generic prayers may be acknowledged in kind.  Yet, your heartfelt personal messages will be personally read by the Father who will share in return very intimate information with you, before adding to it His very own ‘John Hancock’—His original signature.”