Oregon, US of A
Friday, April 6, 2018

“Knowledge is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded by wisdom and socialized by love.”  [UB 557:12]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Knowledge.  Indeed, it is possessed only by sharing.  This is the reason why every generation accesses the world from a more ‘knowledgeable’ point of entry.  Thanks to the worldwide web, knowledge is instantly generously shared with those who are curious enough to investigate their areas of interest.  It is literally made available at your fingertips. 

“No matter how primitive you may view some of your ‘backward’ cultures, they are nevertheless made sustainable by the ‘progressive’ knowledge handed down by their elders and shared with the tribe.

“Rather than bragging about the wealth of your personal knowledge, give credit to those who pioneered it for you without greedily hoarding it.  The sharing of knowledge is what allows it to survive the passing of time.  Become part of the wise flow of information by learning to lovingly articulate your personal epiphanies—illuminating others with your ‘mental sunrises’.  Just as you delight in new insights, they may as well make someone else’s day, as many of you have similar preoccupations.  Each solved mystery of life breaks a new glass ceiling, thus allowing more souls to move closer to the Promised Land of Enlightenment.

Where does Wisdom come into play?  Knowledge “is safeguarded by wisdom”.  It has to be wisely meted out to others, based on their current level of understanding and mental capacities, as more advanced knowledge is not readily understandable to all and could adversely overwhelm them.  As well, there is always a risk for knowledge to be misused by those whose spiritual growth is not following suit with their mental capacities. 

“This is also the reason why “knowledge has to be socialized by love”.  It has to be applied for the universal highest good.  This is how the All-Knowing Creator proceeds, as He IS Love. 

“The vast field of scientific research proceeds by compartmentalizing various disciplines to understand the complex workings of living organisms—looking at them from various vantage points:  chemistry, physics, mathematics, psychology, and more.  Eventually, the understanding thus gained has to be reintegrated in the greater picture, since in real life, everything works together and Oneness is the objective.  Love is the divine glue.  Learn to use it generously, as it is the only sustainable ‘socializer’, the sealer of all dividing relational cracks.”