Oregon, US of A
Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear child, you live in a universe of unfathomable proportions.  Everything started at the First Source of Center—the Divine Creator and Initiator of All That Is.  Everything started with the purest of intentions.  Everything started with Light as nothing can grow in darkness. 

“This is the reason why the Light Element has to be brought into each individual life.  You live on a planet whose spiritual climate has been darkened through many iniquitous behaviors throughout the ages.  There is a spiritual cover of darkness in many areas of the planet—especially densely populated areas.  Such a spiritual darkness could be compared with the blanket of clouds and man-made pollution that prevent the sunlight to shine through.

“Yet, this can be fixed.  Each normal human being has been equipped with an inner “night light”—the Light of Christ—that is constantly turned on in order to shed its reassuring light.  The more you focus your attention on the Source of All Light, the more you will allow your being to be infused with cleaner and brighter light—with hope.  For the lost wanderer, even a faint light piercing through the darkness is a wonderful beacon of hope.  It points to a direction toward which to walk in the knowingness that a connection can be established there and that the sense of utter loneliness may soon be dispelled. 

“Light can take many forms and shapes:  it can be “enlightening” truth—the truth that refutes enslaving and limiting lies and deceptions.  It can be “the light at the end of the tunnel”—the light of hope that is a promise to the valiant soul that all is and will be well.  It can be the sparkles of love when Love is experienced and shared.  And much more…

“Rather than viewing this world as light deprived, look at it with inquisitive eyes and recognize the spots where the sun is rising—the spots where the spiritual cloud cover is being increasingly lifted.  Look at your own life and focus on the light signals it contains.  The Heavenly Light House IS ALWAYS shining to point you back to the Source of your being.  It is beckoning you home while allowing you to choose your own way and your own pace.

“There is much to discover along the way.  Some of you like to take it slow—one baby step at a time.  Others are eager to have more meaningful life experiences and enlist the help of more experienced souls—souls who are already shining bright.  What matters is that you intend to move out of the darkness toward the light.  This is the eternal goal of evolution. 

“Without light, there cannot be any growth.  Warmth and Light are a team.  Remember that you have been equipped with powerful night goggles.  A Divine Spark lives within you that can guide you back to Its Source.  Yours is to ask to be lifted out of the darkness so as to be “elevated” into higher and brighter spiritual dimensions from where it is so much easier to navigate life as you are no longer groping in the dark.”