Oregon, US of A
Sunday, January 6, 2019

Thought Adjuster: “As the Correcting Time marches on, the Divine Forces have reclaimed many Luciferian strongholds, significantly restricting the iniquitous spiritual manipulation of the dark forces.  On your world, their power of influence is now restricted to the evil deeds of their human ‘puppets’—die-hard, fanatical human ‘minions’ who are prevented by their narcissistic behaviors from converting to the ways of the Light.  In their fight for dear life, their last resort aims at unfairly ‘impeaching’ the Divine Son who qualified Himself through the shedding of His human tears and blood as the rightful Sovereign of this universe.

“The establishment of His supremacy had nothing to do with ‘nepotism’ or the mere assertion of a claim to ‘royal lineage.’  Undeserved hand-me-downs do not promote character growth, but can turn out to be detrimental to their recipients by fostering in them the ‘Elitism Syndrome’—"I-am-special-but-you-are-not.”

“Just as the most compassionate CEOs are those who humbly work their way up the corporate ladder, gleaning an overall experience, the qualification process of the Divine Sons requires them to incarnate in the likeness of their creatures to develop a compassionate heart toward their condition.  Indeed, you only truly understand what you experience.

“How sad it is that, to this day, many detractors of the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that Jesus came to reveal on your world, obstruct the divinely ordained agenda!  By relentlessly and closed-heartedly campaigning for the impeachment of their Savior, they shoot themselves in the ‘spiritual foot.’  Little do they know that, by standing in the way of their Savior, they are rejecting their salvation.

“Dear ones, rather than feuding with external emotional influences you fail to discern, go within and ask for My enlightenment. It is the only sound orientation point in a world were confusion is profusely disseminated by the dark forces—those who erroneously believe that their best interest is served by preventing the light from shining.  Lobby with your heartfelt prayers, not with your venomous words!”