Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Thought Adjuster:  You have been pondering some of the mind-boggling facts of your human experience—starting with the complex holographic nature of your physical senses.  Let us talk about them.

“Not only does your eyesight assist you in identifying shapes and in navigating your current four-dimensional reality, but it also picks up on the rich palette of colors used by the Father in His breathtaking and free-flowing paint strokes.  Colors exude various degrees of vibrancy that speak to your emotional state.

“What about sounds?  They are heard on the backdrop of silence.  Moreover, there are many sounds moving through the stratosphere that are beyond your hearing range.  Sounds differ in pitches—from low to high.  As well, they are encoded with signals that render them pleasant or offensive to your ears. They too help you find your bearings, complementing your vision or compensating for its lack of acuity.

“Your sense of touch adds to the mix.  It helps you identify textures and feel temperatures. As well, its associated vocabulary helps you depict your emotional experiences:  soft or harsh? Hot, lukewarm or cold?  

“Your physical senses collaborate to provide you with a multi-dimensional sense of reality.  Your taste buds are associated with both your senses of smell and touch.  They are very complex ‘sensors’ that not only stimulate your appetite through the ‘dining pleasures’ but also—just as your other senses—send warning signals to your brain when something does not look, sounds, smells, feels, or tastes right.  It speaks in volume for the Heavenly Foresight where His Love for the creatures has put into place many safeguards for their survival as well as many ‘freebies’ for their enjoyment.

“Dear ones, meditate on your senses.  Focus on each one individually.  All of them are doorways to a fuller experience of the present moment—the only one that ALWAYS matters.”