Oregon, US of A
Friday, April 15, 2016

Thought Adjuster:  “Dear one, you were just thinking about the migrations of salmons back to their birthplace after spending their lives exploring far away streams.  As their life force is about to fade, they are instinctively driven to trace their way back to the place of their origin—a final pilgrimage back home.  They courageously swim against the stream in order to reenact the event of their own birth by giving birth to their offspring as the final selfless act of their lives—the drop of the curtain.  As new lives are being hatched, they literally shed their skin and are no more.

“The Father has placed many symbols in the physical realms to help human beings expand their understanding about invisible spiritual matters, as well as matters of the heart.  Your Master Jesus tapped into these visible scenarios in order to articulate many deeper truths in the form of parables and metaphors as they are experientially relatable to human beings. 

“Just as salmons are driven to return to the place of their nativity, human beings are driven to find their way back to their origin—the First Source and Center of their being.  Those who find their way back Home are truly prodigal sons and daughters.  They recognized that they belong to a much larger extended family and that their earthly life is nothing but the initial playground of their eternal evolution—the bottom rung of the Ladder to Heaven. 

“Along their life journey, they will undergo various age-related metamorphoses and eventually, they will shed their carnal envelope in order to transition to higher experiential realms. 

“Dear ones, whenever you find yourselves at a loss to understand your life purpose, pause to observe the life that is happening all around you.  The Father has placed loving clues in the behaviors of its creatures.  Much wisdom can be drawn from such observations.  Many animals embody various qualities that human beings need to emulate in order to become well-rounded personalities.  Doves are loyal, dogs are faithful, lions are noble, ants are industrious… etc.  You have a multitude of role models from which to pick and chose as you are nudged forward to acquire more and more mastery over the wild emotions of your being that can be transmuted in personal strengths once you learn to lovingly domesticate them."