Oregon, US of A
Saturday, July 7, 2018

“Sharing is Godlike—divine.”  [UB 1221:02]

Thought Adjuster: “Networking through sharing is the cosmic ‘modus operandi’.  There would be utter nothingness without it, due to a lack of overall sustainability.  It all started with the desire of the Father to fully share of Himself.  Think about it for a moment. 

“In His sharing, He is holding nothing back, and this is through His Sublime Selflessness that everything is created.  Indeed, sharing generates a magical momentum that is conducive to more impulsive sharing—what you coin as ‘passing forward’. 

“A heart touched by the selfless devotion of another heart cannot but be moved to reciprocate in kind.  You could call it ‘the heart jerk reflex’, comparable to the irrepressible ‘knee jerk reflex’ that spontaneously occurs when the nerve of your knee is tapped upon.

“If you envision the creation in its magnitude, there is no denying that everything and anything is minutely interconnected.  This very connection is what enables the Life Force to permeate everything.  Without this complex energetic circuitry, death and oblivion would result, as it would equate to the life-terminating act of ‘pulling the plug’.  

“To many among you, sharing does not come naturally—yet.  However, someday along your ascension journey, it will become your first nature. 

“As you go through your day, become aware to the bounty of what is being constantly shared with you, allowing you to thrive both on the inner and the outer.  This will trigger another ‘heart jerk reaction’—the expression of overwhelming gratitude, which in turn will contribute to a wider heart-opening—the win-win situation that has been judiciously instigated from above eons ago.  Indeed, the act of sharing is a synergetic act of exponential assets multiplication from which all ‘share-holders’ greatly benefit.”