Oregon, US of A
Monday, April 20, 2015

Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, you have chosen to practice gratitude with increased awareness.  After a couple weeks of conscious daily practice, you notice a subtle shift in your life experiences.  You witness that gratitude is truly a magnetic force, drawing to you the object of your gratitude.  It is like throwing your fishing line in the water with the adequate bait so that you can catch the intended species of fish.  Expressing your gratitude for all the positive outcomes are opening the doors for them to come in.


“Whatever you wish for or whatever you are afraid of are both forces of attraction.  Wherever you turn your attention creates your next reality.  Whether you feel fear or gratitude, you are sending invitation cards to more of these feelings.  Fear will invite in whatever you are afraid of while gratitude will draw to you whatever you are wishing for.  It is so simple and yet so underutilized.


“Letting go off fears is performing a magnificent spring cleaning, removing all fear dust bunnies from your living temple, opening the windows of your being to the light of positivity and to all the amazing possibilities contained in your life package.  You can choose to swap any negatives for positives.  The more you do this consciously, the more the quality of your life will be upgraded and the more confidence you will gain in that process.  It is a universal law and you can count on its power of influence. 


“Go through this week keeping this in mind and be the witness of the positive chain reaction which is thus initiated in your life.  Gratitude is the best addiction you could acquire.”