Oregon, US of A
Sunday, March 5, 2017

Thought Adjuster: “As you think about the vast spiritual resources available to you at any given moment, it makes you realize that you have much support in your decision-making processes.  You are connected to these various ‘hotlines’ that are your spiritual advisors.

“Some of your televised game-shows make allowances for the players to call a friend whenever they are unsure as to the correct answer to a challenging question.  Rather than guessing, they will opt to call the friend that they deem the most qualified in the relevant field.

“The same applies as to the expertise of the spiritual influences available to you.  Yours is to place this very significant call by turning within.  Whenever you cannot distinguish between truth and untruth, turn to the Spirit of Truth.  Whenever you feel uncomfortable negative emotions toward yourself or others, invoke the comforting Presence and loving Guidance of the motherly Holy Spirit.  As well, you have been gifted with a Personal Assistant—your In-House Consultant—your very own Indwelling Divine Fragment.  How often are you utilizing these generous resources?  And there are many more, as you are part of a vast cosmic family that makes available to you the hard-earned wisdom of your many spiritual ‘Elders.’

“You are constantly within the pull of the influence of your peers—positive or negative.  This too is a spiritual influence whether or not you can see it as such.  All this points to the fact that you are foremost a spiritual being, meant for a spiritual experience during all the stages of your life.  Make good use of these ‘hotlines,’ as they will help shape you in the beautiful and bright being you are meant to gradually become as you adequately feed your soul and qualify yourself as one of the ‘good guys,’ to whom others can turn to for advice in time of needs.  Such is the chain of custody of spiritual values.”