Oregon, US of A
Sunday, December 10, 2017

Christ Michael/Jesus: “Dear child, you asked Me to share something with you.  Let us talk about Gardening.  As you well know, each seed has to be planted according to its own timetable.  Some seeds are buried in the ground in the fall before the frost hardens it, thus developing a hardiness of their own.  Others have to wait for the first stirrings of springtime or even later.

Yet, seeds remain intact and pregnant with the promises of their full bloom, as long as their outer shell acts as a shield—a precious vault.  Let us now look at human beings.  They are born year around, depending on the time of their conception.  After fecundation and nine months gestational period, a fully formed baby is born to the world.  Yet, its brain is still an empty vessel and its soul is embryonic. 

Spiritual growth happens through the physical experiences that your body causes you to have.  They act as catalysts.  Sadly, at times, they also delay it, as they either fail to provide you with adequate spiritual sustenance or the seed of your spiritual self is still hibernating.

Just as a seed has to pierce its protective shell in order to thrive, your thinking and feeling need to work their way through their multiple and, at times, very dense layers of protection.  You are so much more than a tiny seed! You are the beautiful promise of a breathtaking and one-of-a-kind spiritual bloom. 

May you always remember the promises seeded in your being.  Aren’t you curious to get to know your expanded self?  Keep in mind that you have been abundantly blessed, even though it takes some effort on your part to break through various layers of inner resistance.  This is the reason why you encounter many life-changing events that rock you to your very foundations.

Just as earthquakes open deep crevasses in the ground, such inner earthquakes help shatter your limitations, many of which you are not aware of.  Whatever the Father takes from you, He replaces manifold.  Trust in that fact and be faithful!  Indeed, the Father tests the loyalty of His own before He blesses them more abundantly!  This is how you become activated in your godlikeness for ever-greater service.”